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We are the best supplier of car engines in London, Manchester,  UK. We offer our clients satisfactory services. We are here to facilitate repairing hundreds of vehicles and their different models. We repair and recondition, rebuild, and renovate all types of engines. The kind of service we provide depends upon the condition of the vehicles. The engine is the heart of a vehicle, and its maintenance is crucial for the smooth running of cars on the roads. Our expertise extends to problems of vehicles other than engines also. So you will confidently bring your car for any situation. We also procure car equipment such as brakes, gaskets, bearings, valves, and oil seals. Engine Specialist entails advanced tools and working machinery. So you can have comfort when you bring your vehicle to us.

Maintenance Services for your car engines:

Engine Specialist is one of the renowned companies for servicing car engines. It expands its system to London, Manchester, and the UK. It offers to repair and rebuild engines of various vehicles such as BMW, LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER, AUDIS, MERCEDEZ BENZ, and VAN. Reused engines of these automobiles are also present in stock. Experienced mechanics rectify the main problem of car engines. They try to access the damage-causing issues with the help of advanced equipment and machines. They put their maximum efficiency to increase the life expectancy of car engines. After this diagnostic evaluation, servicing is provided according to the needs. Repairing and rebuilding are not so much easy. Different components of cars other than engines are also replaced. These parts include pistons, bearings, valves, and gaskets. Engine Specialist also helps in getting the spare parts of some old vehicles. Remanufacturing department form rebuilt engines using the latest knowledge and technology. All cars need regular repairing and renovating services for smooth running on the road.

Best deals for fitting and supplying car engines: 

Engine specialist facilitates their customers with the best deals on car engine maintenance services. The services expand to London, Manchester, and the UK. We are happy to describe that the Engine Specialist will provide all types of car engines. Rebuilt, reconditioned, and reused engines of different cars are available for you. You can quickly get any service at any time. Our friendly and proficient service department will keep your cars up to date. We use advanced technology and the latest equipment to eliminate the cause of damage to cars. All the services are done with proper skills and expertise. The repaired engine contains various cleaning, evaluating, and installing services. We also replace the cylinder head, engine turbines, gas engines, and car cooling system. Reused engines are another economical alternative to damaged engines. Reused engines are cost-effective, environment conservative, reliable, and a wide range of rare engines are also available. Proper functioning of the reused engine before use is a good sign of its prolonged use in a required vehicle. All these engines services are accessible at Engine Specialist.

What do you see in a repaired and rebuilt engine?

Engine Specialist solves all damaging issues of different vehicles by providing repaired, rebuilt, and reused engines. All these services will maintain and renovate car engines. They contain distinct features that help customers to choose one of the best. Repaired engines pass through disassembling, cleaning, evaluating, and installing processes. Reconditioned engines are also the best option if improved engines are not functioning. Reconditioned engines entail various components such as new camshafts, valves seals, piston cranks, piston bearings, intake and exhaust gaskets, and a thermostat housing gasket. Reconditioned engines are more reliable than the original engines. But if repairing and remodelling do not work correctly for automobiles, reused engines are the best economical alternatives. Reused engines are cost-effective, environmentally conservative, have a wide range of rare engines, and are reliable. Functioning of reused engines before delivery ensures its excellence for a required model of cars. In addition, these car engines are available with full-year security.

 What do you see in a repaired and rebuilt engine?

There is an organized system that services the functioning of the Engine Specialist. You can follow a simple scheme. You can provide your vehicle data according to the need and get access to us in just a few clicks. We check our stock details about car engine models and entertain you with maximum proficiency. After fulfilling this procedure, engines are scrutinized by experienced mechanics and technicians and then delivered for use. We follow the modern methods for reconditioning of engines. Repaired machines also comprise new accompanying parts of engines such as gaskets, valves, bearings, and oil seals. The whole technique is done under the strict control of trained engineers. Evaluating the adequate working before dispatching for use reveals the functioning capacity of the reused engine. Our website provides you with all the necessary information related to vehicles. We also focus on advising the alternatives if possible. You will never disappoint by any service we provide.

 Signs of damaged engines:

The work capacity of the car decreases with the use of vehicles for a long time. Some functions decline due to damaged car engines. Warnings signs of damaged engines are as follows:

 Checking of engine light:

Engine light describes engine dysfunction due to faulty thermostats or any harm to spark plugs.


Engine overheats because the cooling fans do not provide enough air passage through the radiator.


Different kinds of sounds at high-speed cause harm to radiators. Knocking, grinding, and squealing sounds show the damage to the engine.

 Smoke production:

A clear smoke is not a severe problem. However, blue smoke shows oil leakage from the machine, and white smoke indicates condensation of water and antifreeze with oil.

Fuel consumption:

Increased vehicle fuel consumption is a noticeable sign of a damaged engine. Faulty injectors, blocked air filters, fuel leaks, and faulty air sensors cause increased fuel utilization. Proper maintenance and repair at the right time will reduce the chances of severe destruction of car engines.

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